Create custom connectors in solutions (2023)

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By using solutions, you can move your custom connectors—along with canvas apps, flows, and Microsoft Dataverse customizations—in a single package. Solutions have the added benefit of managing your customizations in Azure DevOps and automating your CI/CD process.

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Get started

Solutions are accessible both from Power Apps and Power Automate.


You must have a license for Dataverse or Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and a valid security role granting create access for connectors.


  1. Select the Solutions tab.

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  2. Create a new solution or open an existing unmanaged solution.

  3. Select New > Automation > Custom connector.

  4. A new tab opens, where you create a new custom connector.

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  5. When you've finished, select Save.

  6. Close the browser tab. You'll see the new custom connector listed within your solution.

  7. To migrate the custom connector and any other customizations, export your solution, and then import it to the target environment.

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You'll need to re-enter credentials required by the connector, and then create connections.

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Known limitations

  • Adding custom connectors created outside a solution.
  • Dependencies aren't logged.
  • Managed properties.
  • The custom connectors created inside solutions must be shared through the Dataverse GrantAccess Api. To obtain the connectorid to be used in such a request, you can query the connectors table in Dataverse and filter on the displayname property. To learn more, go to Manage solution custom connectors with Dataverse APIs.
  • Backup/restore/copy.
  • Custom connectors aren't available in classic solution explorer.
  • Custom connectors need to be imported first, before connection references or flows.
    • If your environment doesn’t contain the custom connector in a solution, import a separate solution that only the custom connectors. Do this importation before you import the actual solution because Azure needs to register the custom connector beforehand.
    • If you import a solution that contains custom connectors and flows, Azure won't be able to register the custom connector while it's registering your connection references or flows. This also applies to connection references for the custom connector that wasn't previously imported in a separate solution. If Azure hasn't registered your custom connector, the importation will fail, or you won't be able to start the import.
  • Solution custom connectors are created without role assignments by default.
    • The Power Apps for Admin connector has the Get Custom Connectors as Admin action that doesn't return solution custom connectors without role assignments. Users can add role assignments to custom connectors through sharing or through the Power Apps for Admin connector.
    • Role assignments aren't maintained when you import/export custom connectors across environments. This is because role assignments depend on specific users in the environment. Once the solution custom connector is created, configure role privileges and role based security as needed.

See also

Build and certify custom connectors
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Provide feedback

We greatly appreciate feedback on issues with our connector platform, or new feature ideas. To provide feedback, go to Submit issues or get help with connectors and select your feedback type.


How do you Create a custom connector in solution? ›

Select the Solutions tab. Create a new solution or open an existing unmanaged solution. Select New > Automation > Custom connector. A new tab opens, where you create a new custom connector.

How do you Create a custom connector for the logic app? ›

In the Azure portal, on the Azure services menu, select Create a resource. In the New dialog, enter logic apps custom connector in the search box, and then select Logic Apps Custom Connector from the dropdown list. In the Logic Apps Custom Connector dialog, select Create.

How many custom connectors can be created in Azure subscription? ›

API and OpenAPI
Azure Logic AppsLimit
Number of custom connectors that you can create1,000 per Azure subscription
Number of requests per minute for each connection created by a custom connector500 requests for each connection created by the connector
Maximum schema count per body allowed in a Swagger file512
4 more rows
Feb 24, 2023

What is custom connectors in Power Apps? ›

A custom connector is a wrapper around a REST API (Logic Apps also supports SOAP APIs) that allows Logic Apps, Power Automate, or Power Apps to communicate with that REST or SOAP API. These APIs can be: Public (visible on the public internet) such as Spotify, Slack, Rackspace, or an API you manage.

How to create custom connector in Power Automate Graph API? ›

In Microsoft Power Automate, go to the Data menu item on the left and choose the Connections page. Choose the New Connection link. Find your custom connector and complete the connection by selecting it, then choosing Create. Sign in with your Microsoft 365 tenant administrator's Azure Active Directory account.

How do I publish a custom connector? ›

To make a custom connector publicly available for all users in Logic Apps, Power Automate, and Power Apps, submit your connector to Microsoft for certification. Microsoft will review the connector and, if it meets certification criteria, approve it for publishing.

What are connectors in logic app? ›

When you build a workflow using Azure Logic Apps, you can use a connector to work with data, events, and resources in other apps, services, systems, and platforms - without writing code. A connector provides one or more prebuilt operations, which you use as steps in your workflow.

How do I Create an API connection in Logic app Standard? ›

Changing and creating a new one:

Once you click on Add new you need to sign in which creates a new API Connection. To view the API connection you search/navigate to "API Connections" and view all the API connection on your subscription. Please sign in to rate this answer.

What are the custom connector authentication types? ›

Custom Connector Authentication Types​

Power Platform custom connectors currently support four authentication flow options – No Auth flow, API Key Auth flow, Basic Auth flow and OAuth2 Authorisation Code Auth flow.

How to build an API connector? ›

6 Steps to Creating a Custom Connector
  1. Build your API. ...
  2. Secure your API. ...
  3. Describe the API and define the custom connector. ...
  4. Use your connector in a Logic App, Power Automate, or PowerApps app. ...
  5. Share your connector. ...
  6. Certify your connector.
Nov 27, 2019

What is required to build a custom connector? ›

  • Step 1: Update general details. From this point, we'll show the Power Automate UI, but the steps are largely the same across the technologies. ...
  • Step 2: Specify authentication type. ...
  • Step 3: Create the connector definition. ...
  • Step 4: (Optional) Use custom code support. ...
  • Step 5: Test the connector.
Apr 28, 2023

Can standard and custom connectors be mixed with the same flow or app? ›

Standard and custom connectors cannot be mixed within the same flow or app.

What is the difference between standard and premium connectors? ›

Power Apps and Power Automate have native access to two types of connectors: standard and premium. Apps or flows that only use standard connectors may be authored or executed by any user, apps or flows that use premium connectors may only be authored or executed by those with a premium license.

What is an example for connector in Power Automate? ›

Examples of popular connectors include Salesforce, Office 365, Twitter, Dropbox, Google services, and more.” Read more…

Are Power Automate connectors free? ›

The standard user license plan for Power Automate is the Power Automate per user plan, but users have a range of other license plan options. Users with the free plan or one of the Microsoft 365 license plans can only access standard connectors, but most of the other license plans provide access to premium connectors.

How many connectors does Power Automate have? ›

Power Automate is all about building flows and connecting to different datasources. With over 370 Power Automate connectors it is difficult to know them all. Triggers and Actions take input and give you output.

How do I Create a custom API for Power Apps? ›

  1. Create a Custom API record. In your solution, click New > More > Other > Custom API from the drop-down. ...
  2. Create any Request Parameters. ...
  3. Create any Response Properties. ...
  4. Observe the result in the service document. ...
  5. Test your Custom API. ...
  6. Update the Custom API Plugin Type. ...
  7. Other ways to create Custom APIs.
Dec 31, 2022

How do I Create a custom connector in MS graph? ›

  1. Click on the + New custom connector button.
  2. And select the Create from blank option.
  3. Enter a meaningful and understandable Name (ex: “MS Graph Custom”), and then click on the Continue button.
  4. On the first screen, you will be able to configure general properties of the custom connector.
Mar 24, 2020

How do I use custom connectors in Power Apps portal? ›

Here is a practical guide to building a custom connector in PowerApps.
  1. Start the Custom Connector Wizard. Navigate to the Data section and click on Custom Connectors to create a new customer connector in Power Automate. ...
  2. Create the Connector Definition. ...
  3. Use Custom Code Support (Optional) ...
  4. Test the Connector.
Apr 20, 2023

How do I import custom connectors into Postman? ›

Go to or In the navigation pane, select Data > Custom connectors. Choose New custom connector, then choose Import a Postman collection. Enter a name for the custom connector, then navigate to the Postman collection that you downloaded or created, and choose Continue.

How do I add text to connector? ›

Double-click the connector. A text box appears. Enter your text in the text box. When you are done, click outside the text box.

How do I create a connector in Exchange Online? ›

Before creating a connector, navigate to the new EAC from the Microsoft 365 admin center by clicking Exchange under the Admin centers pane.
For New EAC
  1. Click Next. ...
  2. Provide a name for the connector and click Next. ...
  3. Choose an option that determines when you want to use the connector, and click Next.
Feb 21, 2023

What are the 3 types of connectors? ›

Electrical connectors are classified into three types based on their termination ends: board-to-board connectors, cable/wire-to-cable/wire connectors, and cable/wire-to-board connectors.

What is the difference between power automate and logic apps? ›

The main difference between Power Automate and Logic Apps is that Power Automate is a Robotic Process Automation tool while Logic Apps is an Integration Platform as a Service. Both tools can be used to automate business processes, but they differ in terms of the scale and scope of automation possible.

What are the different types of connectors in power apps? ›

Popular connectors
Dynamics AXExcel
Microsoft TranslatorOffice 365 Outlook
Office 365 UsersOracle
Power BISharePoint
SQL ServerTwitter
2 more rows
Mar 28, 2023

How to build API without code? ›

Xano. Xano is an API builder that allows you to create and manage APIs without the need for coding. You can use the visual interface for building and managing APIs, the ability to connect to various data sources, and the ability to create custom logic and workflows.

How to Create API to get data? ›

Start using an API
  1. The easiest way to start using an API is by finding an HTTP client online, like REST-Client, Postman, or Paw. ...
  2. The next best way to pull data from an API is by building a URL from existing documentation. ...
  3. Not all APIs will require a key. ...
  4. An API is how two computers talk to each other.
Jul 29, 2022

How to Create API with key? ›

Go to the Google Maps Platform > Credentials page. On the Credentials page, click Create credentials > API key. The API key created dialog displays your newly created API key.

How to create a custom connector from an OpenAPI definition? ›

Go to or On the left pane, select Data > Custom connectors. Select New custom connector, and then select Import an OpenAPI file. Enter a name for the custom connector, go to the OpenAPI definition that you downloaded or created, and then select Continue.

How do I Create an API connection in Azure? ›

Create an API
  1. Navigate to your API Management service in the Azure portal and select APIs from the menu.
  2. From the left menu, select + Add API.
  3. Select HTTP from the list.
  4. Select Create.
Jun 30, 2022

How do I Create a custom connector in Visio? ›

Create a custom connector
  1. Customize a connector the way you want to save it. ...
  2. In the Shapes pane, click More Shapes, point to My Shapes, and then click Favorites.
  3. Right-click the Favorites title bar, and then click Edit Stencil.
  4. Drag your custom connector to the Favorites stencil.

What are the two commonly used authentication methods? ›

5 Common Authentication Types
  • Password-based authentication. Passwords are the most common methods of authentication. ...
  • Multi-factor authentication. ...
  • Certificate-based authentication. ...
  • Biometric authentication. ...
  • Token-based authentication.

What are different types of authentication in API? ›

Common API authentication methods
  • HTTP basic authentication. If a simple form of HTTP authentication is all an app or service requires, HTTP basic authentication might be a good fit. ...
  • API access tokens. ...
  • OAuth with OpenID. ...
  • SAML federated identity.

What is the difference between API and connector? ›

Connectors make it easier for the creator of the integration application to work with those APIs since they don't have to program directly against those APIs. Overall, APIs make it easier to get data in and out of the systems as they are usually included within these systems.

Can I build my own API? ›

How to Create an API
  1. Determine Your Requirements. First, you'll need to determine your API requirements. ...
  2. Design Your API. Next, you'll need to consider API design. ...
  3. Develop Your API. Now, it's time to start developing your API product. ...
  4. Test Your API. ...
  5. Publish/Deploy Your API. ...
  6. Monitor Your API.
Feb 7, 2023

What is the best way to build an API? ›

How to Build an API: a Comprehensive Guide
  1. Start with your goals and intended users.
  2. Design the API architecture.
  3. Develop your API.
  4. Test your API.
  5. Monitor your API and iterate on feedback.

What must you do to use a connector in your API design? ›

To have an auto-generated connector, update your API specification to use one of these supported security schemes. If the operations defined in your API specification support multiple security schemes, the one that comes first in the list of supported schemes is selected.

How do I choose a connector? ›

Wire size is important when choosing connectors, especially in applications where the current rating required is near the maximum for the chosen connector family, or where mechanical strength in the wire is required. In both cases, a heavier wire gauge should be chosen.

How do I share a custom connector in solution? ›

You can share them directly, and they are also shared if you share an app or create a team flow that uses the connector.
  1. Go to or
  2. In the navigation pane, select Data > Custom connectors.
  3. Choose the ellipsis button (. . .) for your connector, then choose Invite another user.
Jun 7, 2022

What is the best way to determine which custom connectors have been deployed in an organization's tenant? ›

What is the best way to determine which custom connectors have been deployed in an organization's tenant? Run the Get-AdminPowerAppConnector PowerShell cmdlet.

What is the difference between flow lines and connectors? ›

A flow line can be used when there are two or more branching paths that lead to different places. On the other hand, flowchart connectors are described as shapes, not lines. Flowchart Connectors are used to connect different parts of a flowchart.

What are the 6 main types of connectors? ›

There are 6 main types of connectors that link a computer (graphics card) to a monitor.
  • USB-C (Apple Thunderbolt-3) Connection. ...
  • HDMI V 1.2 and V 1.3 Connection. ...
  • DisplayPort Connection. ...
  • DVI Connector. ...
  • Mini DVI Connector. ...
  • VGA Connector.

What are the two types of connectors? ›

Plug and Socket: There are two different formats for connectors, the male, and the female. The Number of Pins: When choosing a connector, it is crucial to consider the number of pins that will be required you're your application.

What are the 2 most common types of cable connectors? ›

The three types of connectors used in a structured network cabling system are twisted-pair cable connectors, coaxial cable connectors and fibre-optic cable connectors with the twisted pair still being the most commonly used today.

How do I create a custom connector in MS graph? ›

  1. Click on the + New custom connector button.
  2. And select the Create from blank option.
  3. Enter a meaningful and understandable Name (ex: “MS Graph Custom”), and then click on the Continue button.
  4. On the first screen, you will be able to configure general properties of the custom connector.
Mar 24, 2020

How do I create a custom connector in Visio? ›

Create a custom connector
  1. Customize a connector the way you want to save it. ...
  2. In the Shapes pane, click More Shapes, point to My Shapes, and then click Favorites.
  3. Right-click the Favorites title bar, and then click Edit Stencil.
  4. Drag your custom connector to the Favorites stencil.

How do I create a GRC connector? ›

Creating an RFC Connection on SAP GRC System
  1. Execute TCODE SM59 or go to SPRO > SAP Reference IMG > Governance Risk and Compliance > Common Component Settings > Integration Framework > Create Connectors and execute it. ...
  2. Go to ABAP Connections and select the create icon.

How do I add a connector to a line in Excel? ›

On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click Shapes. Under Lines, right-click the line or connector that you want to add, and then click Lock Drawing Mode. Click where you want to start the line or connector, and then drag the cursor to where you want the line or connector to end.

How do you add text to a connector in a flowchart? ›

  1. Select Insert > Text Box.
  2. Select either Draw Horizontal Text Box or Vertical Text Box.
  3. Select the place on the drawing page where you want to add the text.
  4. Type in the text.
  5. Select a blank area of the drawing page.

What is a connector graph? ›

With Microsoft Graph connectors, your organization can index third-party data so that it appears in Microsoft Search results. This feature expands the types of content sources that are searchable in your Microsoft 365 productivity apps and the broader Microsoft ecosystem.

How do I Create a custom connector in Azure? ›

All you need to do is navigate to the Custom Connectors page under Data on the sidebar. Click + New custom connector and select Create from Azure Service (Preview). Next, give your connector a name, select your Azure subscription, choose the Azure service, and then select your app.

What makes a good GRC tool? ›

GRC tools should provide functionality that makes it easy to manage SLA metrics and monitor minimum thresholds from one central location. They should also include reporting capabilities to provide management with updates on the status and flag any issues.

Is GRC free? ›

Our open and free, well proven GRC software has helped a huge number of organizations around the world to certify Standards, build Risk frameworks, trace Incidents, manage Projects, Etc. For free, without users or data limitations.

How do I create a strong GRC program? ›

6 steps to take on your GRC implementation journey
  1. Determine the total value gained by using a centralized GRC platform. ...
  2. Identify operational gaps to prioritize the areas you need to improve. ...
  3. Get your team on board with an effectively communicated plan. ...
  4. Build a strong foundation to support your GRC program.
Mar 23, 2021


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