Create and Sell Custom Shoes with Printify (2023)

Make custom shoes for yourself or your online shop in just a few clicks. Personalize your preferred type of shoe with epic designs and grab the POD world by the laces, one pair at a time.

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Create and Sell Custom Shoes with Printify (1)

Create and Sell Custom Shoes with Printify (2)

Create and Sell Custom Shoes with Printify (3)

Make Custom-Printed Shoes With Printify

No Order Minimum

Design your own shoes online and order them in unlimited quantities. A single pair for yourself, a loved one, or a bulk order for various occasions.

Extensive Product Scope

Product variety for every taste and style. Design and sell your own footwear, from custom canvas shoes to flip-flops, boots, sneakers, and more.

Premium Quality

Printify shoes are high-quality and wallet-friendly. Combine custom shoe printing with your unique designs and ensure only the best for yourself and your business.

Design Custom Shoes in Three Simple Steps

Printify is a leading POD company that offers you the chance to design customized shoes for free in three easy steps.

Create and Sell Custom Shoes with Printify (4)

Step 1

Sign Up to Printify

Sign up to our platform and take advantage of the free and user-friendly settings, tools, and opportunities. Subscribe to Printify Premium and receive up to a 20% discount on all products. Start your online shop or treat yourself to various custom products by partnering with Printify.

Step 2

Pick Your Footwear

Browse our product catalog and choose your favorites for personal use or your online shop. From flip-flops, slippers, and sandals to different types of sneakers and boots. Our product scope offers everything from different colors, types, and styles.

Step 3

Add Your Design

Head over to the free Mockup Generator and customize your shoes to perfection. Switch between colors, layers, and images, add text directly to the product and design the ultimate custom pair for yourself or your shop.

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The Best Print on Demand Shoes for You and Your Business

Fashion trends come and go, but various shoe models have always been known as wardrobe staples. Fall, spring, or summer, our timeless sneakers, flip-flops, slippers, and boots will complement any outfit on multiple occasions, settings, and events.

Design a pair for yourself or start a footwear line on your eCommerce store with a range of personalized shoes printed on demand.

Learn more about print on demand and starting a print-on-demand business.

High-Top & Low-Top Sneakers

Elevate your eCommerce store selection and add some versatility to your customers’ shoe rack with these timeless all-over-print (AOP) high-top and low-top custom sneakers, available for both men and women. Let your creativity shine and cover every inch of the blank canvas with sneaker printing and custom designs.

Get creative and design statement footwear with print on demand sneakers. End the era of boring shoes with custom high-tops and low-tops, perfect for every occasion and style. Leave your own footprint in the world of footwear with customized canvas shoes.

Create and Sell Custom Shoes with Printify (5)

Women's Classic Sneakers

Price – from $38.40

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Strong rubber outsole

Multiple sizes

Breathable materials


Create and Sell Custom Shoes with Printify (6)

Women's Low Top Sneakers

Price – from $14.99

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Durable rubber outsole

Black or white decoration

Breathable polyester canvas

Full wraparound print

Create and Sell Custom Shoes with Printify (7)

Eye Canvas Boots

Price – from $61.19

Choose your style, colors, designs, laces, and more to customize your own personalized shoe collection with men’s, women’s, and unisex boots. Mark the beginning of winter in style or create a fun addition to a Fall clothing line with custom designs and unique details one boot at a time.

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Handy pull loop

Durable rubber outsole

Breathable anti-heat, anti-moisture foam insole

Create and Sell Custom Shoes with Printify (8)


Price – from $10.82

Free your feet! Exchange the warm winter boots with custom flip-flops and let your feet breathe the fresh summer air. Make custom unisex flip-flops for daily use or leisure at the beach and fill your shop with sunny, bright, and breezy designs. Simple, comfy, and affordable. Custom flip-flops are perfect for you and your customers.

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Anti-slip sole


Light and flexible

Create and Sell Custom Shoes with Printify (9)

Indoor Slippers

Price – from $11.94

Nothing can top a warm, cozy, and fluffy pair of slippers with a fun custom design and personal details when it comes to customizable shoes. Those comfy foot warmers will be a great addition to your website, personal wardrobe, or gift scope for a loved one or a friend. From bridal showers and Valentine’s to birthdays, anniversaries, and other special settings. Custom slippers will fit right in.

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Removable insole


Anti-slip outsole

Create and Sell Custom Shoes with Printify (10)

Slide Sandals

Price – from $33.58

If flip-flops aren’t your thing or you want something more comfortable to customize for various occasions and settings, slide sandals are the perfect choice for the best custom shoes with summer designs, colors, and patterns. Design shoes for the ultimate summer sale, customizing slide sandals for yourself or your online shop.

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Printed strap

Removable straps

Embossed insole for better grip

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Custom Shoe Ideas – Designs for Everyone

Designing your own shoes can be fun and exciting, but what to do if you’re low on inspiration or don’t know where to start? That’s where we come to help with our ideas on designs for shoes. Cool custom shoes sell themselves, you just need to know what your target audience is and connect with their interests to begin the customization process.

Let’s take a look at some relevant and popular design ideas. Start selling custom shoes online or order for yourself – with unique designs on shoes, you’re guaranteed to stand out from the crowd and boost your daily outfit game, one pair at a time.

Create and Sell Custom Shoes with Printify (11)

Personalized Shoes With Name or Text

Customize your shoes with names, nicknames, abbreviations, relevant messages, or inspiring quotes to appeal to customers looking for unique gift ideas and wardrobe statements.

From first and last names and initials to “birthday boy/girl,” “best dad,” and more. Customize shoes online with name or text designs and list them on your store page or order for yourself. Add a custom print on shoes and boost your traffic with personalized designs.

Custom Wedding Shoes for Him, Her, and Couples

Design custom shoes for different chapters of our lives. From engagement parties and bridal showers to bachelorette parties and the big day itself. Customize matching pairs for him and her, add relevant patterns, colors, and symbols, and design a unique pair of shoes to begin their new life together. Custom wedding shoes will be a hit all year round.

Create and Sell Custom Shoes with Printify (12)

Create and Sell Custom Shoes with Printify (13)

Custom Graffiti Shoes

If you’re an artist at heart, design your own custom graffiti shoes with splashy colors, texts, and patterns. Or outsource professional pieces of work for a reasonable price from sites like Fiverr. Customize shoes with graffiti art and make your shop the go-to place for creatives who want to express themselves in vibrant colors and styles.

Cartoon and Custom Anime Shoes

Create and sell custom-design shoes with anime symbols and cartoon elements. Tap into the current trends and hype around anime-themed content and customize shoes with related designs. From comic book chapters to characters, shadows, and abstract patterns. Dig deep into your creativity, browse Etsy for ideas, and customize your own cartoon art.

Create and Sell Custom Shoes with Printify (14)

Create and Sell Custom Shoes with Printify (15)

Cute Custom Shoes With Themes

Customize themed shoe designs for your website or personal use. From crisp colors and lines to various topics like animals, tropical print, food, fitness, nature, pets, and more. Pick a niche, design cute custom shoes for yourself or your online shop, and gain profit by selling cute custom shoes worldwide.

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Why Choose Printify to Make and Sell Custom Shoes

Create and Sell Custom Shoes with Printify (16)

100% Free

No up-front costs, inventory, investments, equipment, or hidden transactions. Sign up, design personalized shoes for free, and cover fulfillment costs with the final sales payment.

Global Printing Network

Offer your shoes in bright colors to a global audience with our worldwide printing network with providers from Canada, China, Australia, Europe, and the US.

Free Merch Maker

Our free Mockup Generator ensures an easy designing process even for beginners. User-friendly, simple, and easy to use for your personalized shoe designs.

Hassle-Free Integrations

Connect your Shopify, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, Wix, WooCommerce, Squarespace, eBay, or Etsy shop with a few clicks.


If you’re making custom shoes for your online shop, it won’t cost anything. Add your designs and list them online for free. Pay for order fulfillment with the final sale price your customer pays. If you want to create custom shoes for yourself, the price differs for each shoe type. Production costs start from $10.82 for flip-flops to $22.09 for sneakers and $61.19 for boots.

Sign up to Printify Premium and claim up to a 20% discount on all products.

Yes, you can. There’s no set minimum or maximum quantity for your orders. Single and bulk options are both available with Printify. Order one pair of custom shoes for yourself, ten for a wedding, or a hundred for a charity or other events. There are no limits.

Yes, you can, and you should. Order a sample to ensure the color, design, quality, and service of your custom shoes before listing them in your shop. This way, you’ll avoid bad prints and feedback, as you’ll know exactly what you’re offering the customers.

Depending on the print provider, personalized shoe production takes approximately 2-5 business days. However, keep in mind global shipping times. While local printing partners will fulfill your custom shoe order in a couple of days, with international shipping, the fulfillment can take up to 30 days.

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